Use these two switches to obtain background information

The newly included switch --discover is now ready to be used, whereas --explore has been available since Version 2.x. Furthermore, the meaning of --explore has been changed slightly. How can the admin take advantage of these switches?


--explore displays recorded data (status, measured values), which is usually grouped by Node and Instance. It can be used to see:

  • Which Nodes/V-Server have been identified, what are their names?
  • Which Instances have been identified, what are their names? This can be important, for example for --include / --exclude.
  • Which measured values and status have been collected and what are their values?


--discover contacts the Filer and collects information about possible performance data. This enables non-developers to search for interesting performance data and allows them to suggest enhancements to existing checks. Since the most current description, that has been stored in DataONTAP is also displayed, this switch can be used to obtain detailed background information about different checks.