The recently introduced function --discover of the NetApp perfdata getter has been updated with a new function: From now on, the labels of array counters will also be displayed. This enables a more focused search for values that are to be used for the monitoring process and trend analysis.

Example Consistency Points: This performance counter returns a whole range of numbers. The labels indicate the meaning of each number.

$ perl -H sim812cm-n1 -o wafl --discover=counters
cp_count Array of counts of different types of CPs (none,
 delta, diag)
 Labels: wafl_timer generated CP, snapshot
 generated CP,wafl_avail_bufs generated
 CP,dirty_blk_cnt generated CP,full NV-log
 generated CP,back-to-back CP,flush generated
 CP,sync generated CP,deferred back-to-back
 CP,container-indirect-pin CP,low mbufs generated
 CP,low datavecs generated CP