A newly developed check LunState will be included in version 3.0.14 of check_netapp_pro. This check monitors all LUNs on the filer and sends an alarm notification in case one of the LUNs is offline. Of course it is possible to define exceptions as well.

Let us demonstrate this in two short examples:

The following command checks all LUNs:

./check_netapp_pro LunState -H filer
NETAPP_PRO LUNSTATE OK - 235 luns checked.

And this command checks lun1 only:

./check_netapp_pro LunState -H filer ‑‑include=^/vol/lun1/lun1\.lun$
NETAPP_PRO LUNSTATE OK - 1 lun checked.
sim812 /vol/lun1/lun1.lun: online

In this example we can see that ‑‑include understands patterns (regular expressions) so that entire groups of LUNs can be checked. Needless to say that an ‑‑exclude switch is also available in order to exclude LUNs from being checked. Furthermore, both switches can be used multiple times, which creates a very flexible system. We can see this in the following example:

./check_netapp_pro LunState -H filer ‑‑exclude=mars ‑‑exclude=jupiter

The above command checks all LUNs except mars and jupiter. It can also be written as follows:

./check_netapp_pro LunState -H filer ‑‑exclude=mars|jupiter

Please note that both strings mars and jupiter have not been anchored, meaning that all LUNs will be excluded from the checking operation if they contain at least one of these strings (e.g. mars99). To prevent this, one has to write ^mars$.