Up until now, the Disk Check  was used to inspect the failed (or offline) attribute of disks. Unfortunately in cluster mode, this caused disks that did not belong to an aggregate to be skipped and thus not to be checked. Therefore, we have extended the check as follows:

  • Failed disks will always be reported as such, irrespective of the cause
  • In addition, cluster mode filers can be checked for broken disks

This means, that broken disks of a cluster mode filer will be shown in the check for failed as well as broken disks. A broken disk of a 7 mode filer appears in the check for failed disks.

An example for a broken disk check can be found on our help page in examples S4 and S5.

Furthermore, it is now possible to check for unassigned disks.

These changes will be made available with the release of version 3.1.1.