Host adapter such as 0a/0b (Fibre Channel, Serial Attached SCSI and parallel SCSI) can now be monitored in the same way that network adapters can be monitored using PerfLif and PerIf.

This check is called PerfHostadapter.


$ ./ PerfHostadapter -H sim83n1
NETAPP_PRO PERFHOSTADAPTER CRITICAL - 9 hostadapters checked, 1 critical and 0 warning
v0 (sim83-01:kernel:v0): 77071.4/s bytes_read (CRITICAL)
v1 (sim83-01:kernel:v1): 0.0/s bytes_read
v2 (sim83-01:kernel:v2): 0.0/s bytes_read
v3 (sim83-01:kernel:v3): 0.0/s bytes_read
v4 (sim83-01:kernel:v4): 0.0/s bytes_read
v5 (sim83-01:kernel:v5): 0.0/s bytes_read
v6 (sim83-01:kernel:v6): 0.0/s bytes_read
v7 (sim83-01:kernel:v7): 0.0/s bytes_read
v8 (sim83-01:kernel:v8): 0.0/s bytes_read
| v0=77071/s;1024;2048;0; v1=0/s;1024;2048;0; v2=0/s;1024;2048;0; v3=0/s;1024;2048;0; v4=0/s;1024;2048;0; v5=0/s;1024;2048;0; v6=0/s;1024;2048;0; v7=0/s;1024;2048;0; v8=0/s;1024;2048;0;