This stable release includes a variety of new checks but also new switches, improvements in the user interface and a bug fix. Details about the changes:

New Checks

UsageTrend – sends an alarm in case an aggregate runs out of disk space in the foreseeable future, based on the current usage trend.

PerfTcpIp – performance data for the TCP/IP Stack

NetInterface – sends an alarm, if the current port of a network interface is different from the home port (output from the CLI command `network interface show -is-home false`)

PerfHostadapter – inspects and counts the transfer rates for each host adapter

SyncMirror – now also inspects cdot metro clusters

New Switches

The switch --no_instances=OK|WARNING|... disables the previously used warning UNKNOWN, in case that no instances could be found. The delivery status remains as is and sends UNKNOWN.

The Usage check can now be used by selecting specific volumes with or without LUNs. It is now possible to set up different service checks. (--check_only=with_lun|without_lun)


Duplicate perf-instances in cmode if the number of instances was > 150.