Our newest release 3.2.0_02 (unstable) will be available very shortly and includes the following changes:

  • A new check: check_netapp7_fcpstats – to identify crc-errors on FCP adapters. This check is designed as a direct check (without a collector), meaning that warnings can be sent immediately. For the time being, this check only supports 7-mode filers. In addition to crc-errors, this check can also monitor and record many other numerical values (frame-overruns, frame-underruns, initiators-connected, link-breaks, lip-resets, iscsi-requests-dropped, spurious-interrupts, total-logins, total-logouts, queue-depth, protocol-errors, invalid-xmit-words, lr-sent, lr-received, discarded-frames, nos-received, ols-received).
  • Documentation: A new chapter has been added to the documentation that describes in detail how a read-only user can be created on a cdot filer.
  • Fix: It appears that the media type in interfaces can be also be undefined. The getter as well as the IfGrp check have been adjusted accordingly.