DataONTAP 7.x will no longer be supported by check_netapp_pro. Nevertheless, some checks might still work relatively well. For example, the aggregate usage can be monitored with the check Usage, if the Server/Node name is set to the host name (--vserver|--node|-s).

Here an example:

$ ./ -H -o aggregate --explore
Existing data for object 'aggregate'
Instance: aggr0 (uuid n/a)
aggregate-name = aggr0
home-name = n/a
nodes = n/a
Explore done - now configure your nagios ...

$ ./ Usage -H -o aggregate -s
NETAPP_PRO USAGE WARNING - 1 aggregate checked, 0 critical and 1 warning
aggr0: 842.1GiB (WARNING)
| aggr0=904163696640B;808456046182.4;1039443487948.8;0;1154