The snapshots check can be used in combination with ‑‑metric=number in order to make sure that snapshot copies are created regularly.

If you would like to receive warning messages in steps (WARNING if no copies have been created in the last 24h, CRITICAL if no copies in the last 48h), two checks have to be configured:

$ ./ Snapshots ... ‑‑metric=number ‑‑w 1 ‑‑c 0 ‑‑younger_than=24h ‑‑comparison=lt

$ ./ Snapshots ... ‑‑metric=number ‑‑w 1 ‑‑c 1 ‑‑younger_than=48h ‑‑comparison=lt

Alternatively, it can also be set that warning messages are sent, if not more than two copies or at least one snapshot copy has been created within the last 50h:

$ ./ Snapshots ... ‑‑metric=number ‑w 2 ‑c 1 ‑‑younger_than=50h ‑‑comparison=lt

In this case a single check is enough, as demonstrated in the example above.

The number of checks doesn’t affect the filers performance, since they access the data gathered by the getters (collectors).