The SnapMirrorMetrics check monitors the lag-time (and other values) in a snap-mirror-relation. To this point, the thresholds were set in seconds:

-w 10800 -c 259200

Soon, this will be a lot easier:

-w 3 -c 72 --factor=h

The output will also be a lot more readable:

NETAPP_PRO SNAPMIRRORMETRICS OK - 1 snapmirror relation checked
vserv1:snapdst: 0.5h snapmirrored
| vserv1:snapdst=840s; 10800; 259200;0;

(More examples)

You might have noticed that the performance data in the above example is in seconds – this is normal, since the RRD, etc will not work properly otherwise.

This update will be available for SnapMirror as well as all other checks using the Metrics module. This can be determined relatively quickly, by viewing the parameter --factor in the help (--help). If min(ute), h(our), d(day) and w(eek) are being mentioned, then they are also available.

The update will be included in release 3.3.1.