Included in our next release, check_netapp_mc_config will provide the possibility to monitor the mode information of a MetroCluster.

Example 1: An incomplete installation for a simulator

$ ./ -H sim83n1 --local --remote
NETAPP_MC_CONFIG  CRITICAL - Local: sim83 is not_configured, Remote is missing.

Example 2: A productive System

$ ./ -H myfiler10 --local --remote
NETAPP_MC_CONFIG  OK - Local: myfiler10 is configured and in mode normal, Remote: myfiler20 is configured and in mode normal .
Configuration: fabric

Fyi, DataONTAP’s CLI would return:

myfiler10::> metrocluster show

Configuration: fabric

Cluster Configuration State Mode
—————————— ———————- ———–
Local: myfiler10 configured normal
Remote: myfiler20 configured normal