Snapshots can be used not only to monitor volume usage by snapshots, but also the number of snapshots that meet a certain criteria, e.g snapshots that exceed or fall bellow a certain age or have a specific name.

Finding outdated snapshots

In order to receive alarms for orphaned and outdated snapshots, one would use the following configuration:

./ Snapshots ... ‑‑metric=number ‑‑older_than=7d ‑w 0 ‑c 9

This service check would send a warning message for every snapshot found older than 7 days. Should more than 10 snapshots be found, a critical alarm is sent.

It is crucial to set the warning threshold to 0 and no to 1, since the implicitly set comparison operator equals to greater-than(gt) and not greater-or-equal. Unfortunately, some of our examples were incorrect, but have now been updated and are available in the newly improved help page. Our offline help files will be updated in our next release.