With Usage it was always mandatory to set the  ‑‑vserver|‑‑node|‑s argument. This means it necessary to specify for which node or vserver the volumes should be monitored.

The argument expects either the node or vserver name, depending on the device being monitored. This has caused quite some confusion in the past. In order to configure the check properly, one had to study the help pages in great detail and use the ‑‑explore switch as recommended by the error messages.

Unfortunately, we don’t think there is much room for improvement in the  documentation. The only solution would be to make this argument optional, which means that all nodes/vservers will be monitored if not set. From a developer’s perspective, the changes required should not be understated and in certain cases our clients would have to update their configurations. Therefore, we have decided to implement these modifications only if we see enough demand from our clients and their concerns justify the development effort.

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