One of our customers came up with an interesting idea: simple checks, such as check_netapp_health, could be extended with ability to recognize a change in cause, a feature usually found in multi-instance checks.

For multi-instance checks that are not OK, rm_ack investigates if a change of cause for the not-OK status has occurred, such as an additional critical volume. If so, rm_ack (as the names implies) removes a possible service acknowledgement from the monitoring system (see rm_ack).

Applied to check_netapp_health, which is not a multi-instance check, the check would compare the current output with the result from the last request and remove the service acknowledgement from the monitoring system in case of a change that was detected.

Please give us your feedback by leaving a comment or sending us an email and let us know if you would be interested in this feature and for which checks you would like to have such an addition.