It can happen that a DataONTAP service stops working because a limited demo license was installed which is no longer valid.


Our new check check_netapp_license regularly verifies the filers. If a license is found that  expires in 30, respectively 7 days, the check sends an alert. The thresholds can be configured using the ‑‑warning|‑w and ‑‑critical|‑c parameters.


$ ./ -H sim821
2 license(s) ok.
SnapMirror License never expires
SnapVault License never expires

$ ./ -H sim83n1
1 license(s) ok.
Cluster Base License never expires    

$ ./ -H sim821a -w 20 -c 7
2 license(s) ok.
SnapMirror License already expired
SnapVault License expires in 10 day(s)

check_netapp_license  will be included in version 3.6.x.