The plugins require Perl 5.10.1 or later. Some platforms e.g. SLES11 provide Perl 5.10.0. We can not recommend to run the scripts with this Perl, since the necessary changes would be too much work. Instead we recommend to leave the system-Perl as ist is (anyway a best practice) and install a separate Perl interpreter for the plugins.

To install a Perl 5.10.1 or later on SUSE 11 (or a similar plattform) follow these steps:

curl -L | bash

vi .bashrc
source ~/perl5/perlbrew/etc/bashrc

perlbrew install perl-5.10.1


If a the failure ‘ODBM_File.xs:124:2: error: too few arguments to function ‘dbmclose” change the following file:

vi /usr/include/dbm.h
- extern int      dbmclose __P((DBM *));
+ extern int      dbmclose __P((void));

Continue installation of Perlbrew:

perlbrew install perl-5.10.1
perlbrew install-cpanm

perlbrew use perl-5.10.1

install libopenssl-devel
zypper install libexpat-devel

cpanm Class::Accessor
cpanm DateTime
cpanm List::MoreUtils
cpanm LWP
cpanm Net::SSLeay
cpanm Time::HiRes --force
cpanm XML::Parser


All scripts have to change the perl path:

#!/home/nagios/perl5/perlbrew/perls/perl-5.10.1/bin/perl -w