Recently we received a number of inquiries that might lead to the implementation of LogEMS and LogAsup, two checks that were previously thought to be included in the Bluesky Bundle.

With check_netapp_anycli we already offer a flexible check that can be configured to the clients needs. Nevertheless it wouldn’t necessarily be suitable to analyze log files.

The requests we received for a NetApp log check refer to:

  • the availability of a fall back solution for the case that the other checks miss a system error. Such a false negative can have multiple reasons such as a faulty configuration or an error in the development of the checks. In such a case, it would be important that this check functions as independently as possible from the other checks, otherwise it loses its function as a redundant system for monitoring process.
  • hardware related performance issues that can easily be identified by looking at the log files, e.g.: a disk with a reconnecting or reassigning status.

An example for a log file and the corresponding check configuration using still hypothetical check_netapp_events :

na-filer::> event log show -event disk.*
Time Node Severity Event
------------------- -------- ----------- ---------------------------
9/29/2016 22:15:46 na01 NOTICE disk.ioReassignSuccess: disk 0a.22.10: sector 1143201107 was reassigned (993). ...
9/29/2016 22:15:45 na01 NOTICE disk.ioReassignSuccess: disk 0a.22.10: sector 1143201015 was reassigned (1042). ...
9/29/2016 22:15:44 na01 ERROR disk.ioFailed: I/O operation failed despite several retries.
9/29/2016 22:15:44 na01 WARNING disk.ioMediumError: Medium error on disk 0a.22.10 ...

./check_netapp_events –H na-filer –-lookback=24h –-severity=EMERGENCY|ALERT|CRITICAL|ERROR|WARNING –-event=^disk\. –-event=^scsi\.
To report on errors which have an severity equal or above WARNING and where the event message starts with either 'disk.' or 'scsi.'.

Should you be interested in this check please feel free to leave a message in the comment box below or send us an email to