With our default configuration a scrub is executed on the filers of aggregates. In some cases, the scrub and fix might not be able finish on time in the designated period. This results in warnings such as:

filer1::> aggr scrub -aggregate * -action status
Raid Group:/aggr0_01/plex0/rg0, Is Suspended:false, Last Scrub:Sun Sep 25 04:19:44 2016 , Percentage Completed:85%
Raid Group:/aggr0_02/plex0/rg0, Is Suspended:false, Last Scrub:Sat Oct  8 11:50:35 2016

The command above was executed on the 18. October, ie. the last scrub of aggr0_01 was over three weeks ago.

In situations like these, check_netapp_scrub will send a warning.

./check_netapp_scrub.pl -H filer1 -w 3d -c 1w would have sent a warning three days later and a critical warning one week after the last scrub.

Our scrub check will be available in version 3.7.0 of our NetApp plugins and can be used with 7 mode and cluster mode (cdot) filers.