I already wrote an article a while ago about distributed monitoring and its basic concept.

That’s why this article will explain some changes that have emerged in version 3.7.0. Because of the changes in the store files (calls are saved as separate files since version 3.6.0) some sync mechanisms are having some issues. Therefore version 3.7.0 will allow multiple store dirs to be configured. The syntax for the configuration is pretty simple: the argument --stordir can be specified multiple times.

Configuration Variations

With these changes different configurations for distributed monitoring are possible:

  • A central NFS share for the store dir of all monitoring instances. The disadvantage of this approach is that in some circumstances the monitoring becomes dependent on the device that is being monitored.
  • A sophisticated syncing mechanism between the monitoring instances that ensures that the store dirs and sub directories are in coherence with one another (e.g. Veritas Infoscale Storage FSS). The disadvantage is that these tools have to be purchased and installed.
  • SSHFS crossmount und multiple usage of --storedir – the getter will write the same data in both directories. You don’t necessarily have to use SSHFS for the crossmount, but many of our clients recommend using it. SSHFS can be downloaded for free and has to to be installed and configured. You could also use NFS cross mount as an alternative.