A first test version of our new check check_netapp_events to monitor the ASUP logs is available upon request. Please get in contact with us directly, this check is not yet available for distrubution.

The check is not part of our check_netapp_pro suite and in technical terms is completely independent.

Our development goals where:

  • detection of problems that could not be identified with previous checks
  • detection of problems that could not be identified because of faulty configurations (forgotten check, forgotten instance, unsuitable regex for  --include, …)
  • redundant system in case of collector check failure (full store dir, incompatible Perl library, …)

Therefore this check was developed to be as easy and lightweight as possible:

  • usage of the NetApp API for reading the logs
  • option to filter by severity, source and text
  • simple C binary without interpreter
  • no temporary files such as store files
  • low impact on the system load (especially of the monitoring system)