The Input-/Output Operations per Second (IOPS) or Operations per Second (OPS) can be monitored on various levels:

System Operations (total_ops)

This is why the counter total_ops in the PerfSys check exists. Unfortunately, this counter is deprecated and will no longer be supported by NetApp in new versions of DataONTAP. As an alternative we would implement a check on workload basis. The getter object needed for this check has already been implemented in current versions. Please send us a message (see below) or leave us a comment if you would like this check to be implemented.

System operations on a protocol basis (http_ops, nfs_ops, fcp_ops, cifs_ops, iscsi_ops)

This also applies for the total_ops above – PerfSys checks the counters, if they are still available.

IOPS on a volume level

The multi tenancy check ReportIOPS checks the IOPS per Volume and aggregates them per client, if necessary.

IOPS on a disk level

In future, you might be able to use PerfDisk. Please send us a message at or leave us a comment if you would be interested in this plugin.