New metric changelog-used-percent

We’ve added a new metric to the monitoring check Sischangelog-used-percent.

This way storage admins can be warned if the SIS changelog approaches its full capacity. Thresholds percentages are used to evaluate weather to send a warning or not.

We’ve added an example to the help page of the check that shows its input and output.

Background information (changelog-usage is full)

If you don’t check the Single Instane Storage (SIS) change logging metafile regularly, you will receive the error changelog-usage is full.

An excerpt from the text:

Description: This message occurs when the Single Instance Storage (SIS) change logging metafile is full. Change logging is stopped. New writes to the volume will not be change logged until the next SIS operation.

Action: Issue the ’sis start‘ command on the volume to process existing changelogs. To process changelog files more frequently before they reach full, adjust the SIS operation schedule with the ’sis config -s‘ command. If there is significant loss of savings, then run the ’sis start -s‘ command, allowing it to run to completion.