UPDATE: We had to remove this testing-release due to a critical bug. It has been replaced by 3.7.1_02 which fixes that bug.

Starting tomorrow, our clients interested in testing new features can download the latest unstable release, version 3.7.1_01, from the Q-Portal.

Changes include:

New and improved

  • New switch in PerfVolume: --math=average|total
  • New metric in Sis: changelog-used-percent
  • Usage-check: --check_only=500GiB..1TiB (ranges for adaptive thresholds)
  • New check: FCPAdapter checks fcp-adapters status (online, …)
  • New switch --ignore=^temp__ in perfdata-getter – this is the default!


  • ClusterPeerHealth: Returns „UNKNOWN – No matching instances found“ instead of
    „no data“ if no peer has been found