We’ve developed a check, check_netapp_quotas, that can be used to monitor quotas on a Cluster Mode filer and we plan to release it along with the next release. We are happy to provide a test release for this check. Version 3.8.0_02 will be available today in the Q-Portal for beta testers. Please contact the distributor in order to obtain the necessary access rights.

Check Logic and Parameter

What does this check look like? As with the previous release  (check_netapp 2.x), this check is rather simple to use. The hostname is the only parameter to be assigned. Thresholds are not necessary since the plugin operates based on the soft and hard limits on the filer.

./check_netapp_quotas.pl -H filer91
All checked quotas within limits on filer91.
| srv1.vol1_disk-used=0kiB;0;0;0; srv1.vol1_files-used=6;0;0;0; srv1.vol1.*_disk-used=0kiB;0;51200;0; srv1.vol1.*_files-used=0;0;0;0;

However, --qtree or --volume  can be used to control where the monitoring should take place.

And that is the current situation. If you would like to request any changes you are welcome to contact us.