It seems that for some versions of the DataONTAP the NetApp shelf status API returns information instead of normal. Obviously our plugins then returns a WARNING when it shouldn’t.

NetApp classifies this issue as a „minor inconvenience“ (Bug ID 279931) and currently there is no estimate for a possible fix. Therefore we are extending the ShelfEnvironment plugin and are adding a new switch:  ‑‑workaround_for_279931. If set, the status information will be treated as OK.


As mentioned in the help page for the switch, any warnings for information conditions will be suppressed since the plugin doesn’t know what lead to the condition.

According to the NetApp SDK, the shelf status conditions are ordered as follows:

Current shelf status. Possible values: „unrecoverable“, „critical“, „non_critical“, „informational“, „normal“.

This means that an „informational“ status is a long way away from a „critical“ condition, therefore we think it’s justifiable to use the switch.


This switch / workaround will be included in version 3.8.1, to be released a bit later than expected because of this change, most likely sometime during the next two weeks. Straight away, the workaround is available in the RC2 for 3.8.1, which is version 3.8.0_04 in the Q-Portal.