The parameter ‑‑exclude= can be used to exclude specific instances from a check. For instance, a group of volumes (provided they have a naming convention) can be excluded, e.g.:

$ ./ Usage ‑o volume ‑‑exclude=VMWare

This snippet excludes all volumes containing ‚VMWare‘ in their name (AB_VMWare_vol1, AB_VMWare_vol2, …).

But the devil is in the detail: storage admins have to take great care for case-sensitive names otherwise unwanted side effects can occur: for volumes AB_VMWare_vol1 and AB_vmware_vol2 the pattern above would only exclude the first volume.

Using the new switch ‑‑ignore_case we no longer have this issue.

$ ./ Usage ‑o volume ‑‑exclude=VMWare ‑‑ignore_case

In this case, all possible notations of VMWare would be matched, such as:

  • VMWare
  • VMware
  • VmWaRe
  • vmware

In the same way, ‑‑ignore_case also works for ‑‑include.

‑‑ignore_case will be included in version 3.9.0, available as of today as version 3.8.1_05 for beta testers in the Q-Portal.