Job is a new check that monitors the list of jobs on a NetApp Filer. Warnings are sent for jobs that correspond to a definable not-ok status (failed, paused, …).

This is the first time we are introducing config-sets, which can store any number of command line arguments in a single file. We are providing presets for specific tasks which can be used as a template for customized sets. This greatly simplifies the configuration of these powerful checks, each needing countless command line arguments.


An example for such a config set can be found in the file JobSnapMirror.set:

category : SnapMirror
ok_state : dormant
ok_state : success
ok_state : running
ok_state : initial
ok_state : queued
warning_state : restart
warning_state : paused
warning_state : pausing
warning_state : waiting

Using this file you can easily configure a SnapMirror check with this short command:

check_netapp_pro Job -H filer --config=JobSnapMirror.set

The example above replaces the much longer command usually needed: check_netapp_pro Job -H filer --category=SnapMirror --ok_state=dormant --ok_state=success --ok_state=running --ok_state=initial --ok_state=queued --warning_state=restart --warning_state=paused --warning_state=pausing --warning_state=waiting

We think this example demonstrates why we chose to introduce the -config option.

This version of Job will be available in the upcoming release 3.9.1 as well as the RC2 for 3.9.1 (3.9.0_03).