The Check UsageTrend can be used to interpolate the usage of a volume or aggregate into the future and send an alarm if it would get filled up within a given time.

Until now this check measured the size in bytes. From now on we have an additional argument ‑‑what=size|inodes. Setting this argument to inodes tells the plugin to interpolate the inode-usage of the last n hours into the future and warn if the aggregate or volume would run out of inodes within a given time.


check_netapp_pro UsageTrend ‑H filer ‑o volume ‑‑what=inodes ‑‑lookbehind=48h ‑w 7d ‑c 3d

Warns that if the trend of the last 48 hours would continue, the aggregate would run out of inodes within 7 days (and send a critical alert if that would happen within 3 days).

This enhancement will be available in the next testing-release (not released yet).