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Our new check PerfAggregate measures various performance counters per aggregate. Currently, the following counters can be monitored:

  • aggr_throughput (B/s)
  • latency (µs)
  • read_data (B/s)
  • total_transfers (/s)
  • total_transfers_hdd (/s)
  • total_transfers_ssd (/s)
  • transmit_failure (-)
  • user_read_blocks (/s)
  • user_read_latency (us)
  • user_write_blocks (/s)
  • user_write_latency (us)
  • write_data (B/s)

We are open to your suggestions on additional counters that we could add. A description for each counter of a filer can be displayed using the getter and respective switch ‑‑discover=counters.

$ ./get_netapp_perfdata.pl ‑H your_filer ‑o aggregate ‑‑discover=counters

Caution: Not all filers have data on all counters of the plugin. For example, 7 mode filers don’t return any data for the latency counter.

Filer Level

In order to monitor these values on a filer level, we’ve also included the switch ‑‑math=total|average, which is already in use in PerfVolume. This way, one can calculate sums and averages for all aggregates. Two examples can be found on our help page for PerfAggregate.

This plugin is now available and is part of our unstable (beta) release 3.9.2_08. We are planing to release the stable release 3.10.0 in mid-December.