We have release the first RC for the upcoming stable version 3.10.0 as version 3.9.2_10.


New and improved

  • New check PerfSysNode (amends PerfSys for clusters with DataONTAP 8.3+)
  • New check LunAlignment
  • New check PerfAggregate
  • New check check_netapp_asup.pl monitors the autosupport-log for failed transmissions.
  • Much better documentation for the growth metric of OvercommitAggr
  • Add option --check_only=with_lun|without_lun to SnapshotLessVolume
  • Enhance UsageTrend: --what=inodes interpolates the usage of inodes and warns if the number of available inodes will be reached within a given time.
  • Enhance check_netapp_takeover: checks the metro-cluster configuration
  • Snapshots --older_than and --younger_than accepts also seconds, minutes and hours (plus days and weeks as in previous versions).


  • Better error handling if --storedir points to a non-writable directory
  • Sis: Handling of volumes where an error occurs while fetching the status values
  • Head: Fixed several more and less cosmetic issues when one node is down
  • Disk: Fixed --what=non-zeroed-spare
  • UsageTrend: Fixed handling of offline or otherwise not available volumes.

Download & Testing

Testing and feedback of this RC1 is highly appreciated. Customers can download the version 3.9.2_10 from Q-Portal. (If you do not see the unstable version please contact distribution@rfi.net to get a beta-version access.)