Most important changes

  • IMPORTANT: Fixes a bug in ServiceProcessor which made
    the check exiting with OK even if errors were found (false negative). This makes this update an important one for all customers relying on the check ServiceProcessor! See also  ServiceProcessor Check does not alarm as expected
  • Fixes in VolumeAutosize: Under some circumstances non-autosized 7-Mode volumes were not skipped. Also the base for calculation can be changed to size instead of size-total now (More details are in the help for --base=size|size-total).

Other Improvements and Changes

Many other changes like the new update-mode for the getter or a new check for runaway processes are included as well. Check out the full release history of this release for more information.

And we provide you a list of all articles related to the 3.10.2 release from this blog.


The 3.10.2 release is already available on the Q-Portal.