We have implemented (but not yet released) an enhancement for the cluster-mode getter get_netapp_cm. Based on a simple change in the user-interface you can now tell the getter to retrieve the data of more than one object at once. For example:

get_netapp_cm.pl -H sim91 -o volume -o aggregate

Data collected for these objects: volume(5), aggregate(8). Total duration: 0.333s

The advantages are a more compact configuration by reducing the number of service-checks but although a better performance. Each getter reserves one core while running. If several filers are checked, too many getters are running at the same time.

By getting more than one object with one getter:

  • we would have less getters running at the same time
  • we reduce the number of key-exchanges needed to get all the data (one session is used for several objects)

The number of objects retrieved is not limited but should be carefully chosen. You may also experiment with --max_records and keep an eye on the total_duration returned as perf-data from the getter.

This change will be part of the upcoming 4.0 release which is planned for autumn 2018. We will release testing and release-candidates beforehand to interested customers.