The present version of the ShelfEnvironment-check monitors the condition of the temperature-sensors (One of: “under_temperature_warning”, “under_temperature_failure”, “over_temperature_warning”, “over_temperature_failure”, “normal_temperature_range”). A critical alarm is sent once that condition is not normal.

In the next release customers will have the opportunity to additional set a warning and critical threshold for the temperature which will alarm independently from that condition. This will allow to get a warning before the DataONTAP-internaly set thresholds would trigger an alarm.


$ ./check_netapp_pro ShelfEnvironment -H filer -o temp --warning=40

The above command checks the temperature-sensors in all shelfs. Returns CRITICAL if one or more temperature-sensors report an error, but in addition already returns WARNING if one of them is over 40 degrees.

This change will appear in the 4.0 release planed for Autumn 2018.  A prerelease for customers who want to test the new features will be available upon request.