The present version of the Snapshots-check already understood the filtering parameter --check_only=no_reserve|with_reserve (see also this post [German only]). Based on a customer request we implemented now the ability to add an additional filter for selecting volumes with or without LUN.


$ ./check_netapp_pro Snapshots -H filer --check_only=with_lun

As mentioned above this filter can be combined now with the already existing --check_only=no_reserve|with_reserve.

$ ./check_netapp_pro Snapshots -H filer --check_only=with_lun --check_only=no_reserve

The above command checks all volumes which

  • do have a LUN
  • do not have a snapshot-reserve set.

What is this good for?

The combination amended with the --metric=count allows to monitor for Snapshot-less volumes. This is more or less the same as you can achieve with the dedicated check SnapshotLessVolume.html but works independently from the filers mode whereas the SnapshotLessVolume check is limited to the more modern cluster-mode filers.


./ Snapshots ... --metric=number -w 1 -c 1 --younger_than=48h --comparison=lt

This change will appear in the 4.0 release planed for Autumn 2018.  A prerelease for customers who want to test the new features will be available upon request.