NetApp Monitoring are pleased to announce check_netapp_pro release v4.0.0  on 16th of October.

This is a major release, as reflected in the major number increment, which encapsulates a thorough refurbishment of the software suite. This release introduces several new options and at the same time deprecates several others, and thus dictates certain changes to the configuration. The upgrade is an opportunity to review the existing configs and to clean out the cruft.

In addition to the core code rewrites and optimizations mentioned above: the cluster-mode getter has seen a complete overhaul; call-files are grouped into sub-directories per host; the --svm_in_name switch is removed and the --vserver | --node | -s parameter has been removed from most checks.  Also the check_netapp_takeover script has been enhanced to check the interconnect-links; ShelfEnvironment has gained a temperature-object and Snapshots have an additional --check_only filter.

As always the upgrade is available from the Q-Portal. For more information on exactly what has changed and for more details on the above summary, please check out the release history.