A bug has been reported against the latest check_netapp_pro release which involves the --max_records parameter being ignored leading to a timeout. This affects a subset of use-cases, for which we have no installations to ensure automatic test coverage, specifically 45000 instances.

> check_netapp_pro/get_netapp_snapshot.pl ‑‑timeout=300 ‑‑critical=180 ‑‑warning=120 --host=$host ... --max_records=1000

Data for object ‘vol_snapshot’ collected within 375.363s. Number of instances stored: 44221

| total_duration=375.363s;120;180;0; collect_duration= 362.467s ;;;0; store_duration=12.896s;;;0; total_instances=44221;;;0;

In the normal case this particular run might be expected to take about 40 seconds or so.

The bug with --max_records has been identified and will be fixed in v4.0.2, due for release mid-November 2018 after which time it will be available from the Q-Portal. If you need the fix sooner, please contact the developer directly.

For more information on exactly what has changed and when, please check out the release history.