For the New Year check_netapp_pro has gained a new Head –object=version feature. This makes it easier to check whether your DataOnTap versions are up-to-date, or whether you are slipping behind some expected baseline version.

Let’s check whether we’ve got at least version 9.1 installed, and blow up if we’ve anything under version 8.0: Head -H $HOSTNAME -o version -c 8.0 -w 9.1
NETAPP_PRO HEAD OK - 1 head checked, SIMBOX
mycluster-01: version valid NetApp Release 9.2, ser. 4082368-50-7, uptime=0.0d

In this case version valid NetApp Release 9.2 tells us everything is fine. If we’d used -w 9.3 we’d have received a warning, and if we’d used this in combination with -c 9.3 then we’d have received a suitably critical error message and an alarming error code on script termination.

This handy check also prints the box-model name into the first line of the output to make it easier to see what is going on from the GUI.

The new check will be available in the next stable release of check_netapp_pro. Remember with every release to check out the onlineĀ Head documentation.