The NetAppPro team is pleased to announce the latest stable release of check_netapp_pro. This release offers several new checks – some of them are still experimental and will need customer feedback for further improvement.

Experimental Checks

  • check_netapp_unused_luns searches and flags LUNs which are mapped but whose initiators are not logged in. This check is quiet a complex one and should be used mainly in an experimental environment. It is quite possible that ‘testing in the field’ will generate useful feedback for the development team and enable us to improve it further.

New Checks

  • AutosizeMode checks if the auto-size mode of all volumes matches a given preset (grow, grow_shrink).
  • SisStatus flags volumes, whose compression and deduplication is not enabled.
  • DiskPathQuality checks disk path qualities, reports i/o-error percentages and raises a CRITICAL error whenever an error percentage is above zero.

Improved Checks

  • Head has a new object version. This both shows and monitors the DataONTAP version of the nodes. Also it prints the box-model onto the first line so that it can be quickly searched in the GUI.

These features all ship with the new version 4.2.0. You can inform yourself about the state of each plugin/check via our Details-Matrix.

The latest code can be downloaded from the Q-Portal. For more information on exactly what has changed and when, please check out the release history.