Looking forward to the next release of check_netapp_pro brings several enhancements. The first one off the block, due to be released with 4.3.0, is the ––top=n parameter.

To assist with managing large slabs of information, scrolling off the top of your screen, it is now possible to retain the n top lines, where n can be any suitable integer for your purpose. The sorted results will be snipped accordingly and an ellipsis shown to indicate that you are looking at trimmed data.

The usage, if you’ll pardon the pun, should be fairly intuitive:

> check_netapp_pro Usage -H $HOST -o volume ––top=3  -w 3 -c 4 ––factor=MB 

NETAPP_PRO USAGE CRITICAL - 6 volumes checked, 1 critical
vserv_a.vol1: 4.3MB (CRITICAL)
vserv_a.vol0: 2.5MB
vserv_b.vol1: 1.7MB
| vserv_a.vol0=2535347B;30000000;4000000;0; vserv_a.vol1=4345377B;30000000;4000000;0; vserv_a.vol2=45377B;30000000;4000000;0;vserv_a.vol3=85307B;30000000;4000000;0; vserv_b.vol0=5357B;30000000;4000000;0; vserv_b.vol1=1715397B;30000000;4000000;0;

For more information, see the usage specific help for the Usage plugin. Remember with every release to check out the online documentation and the release history.