A bug has been discovered in the PerfDisk report functionality of check_netapp_pro. This error has been fixed and you should decide whether this is important enough for you to install an unstable release or simply wait for the next stable version. 

The bug manifests itself by reporting Multiple_Values instead of the physical disk name:

check_netapp_pro.pl PerfDisk -H $HOST …
Multiple_Values (Multiple_Values, 3004278A:071FE132:0…

The cause was that the newer versions of DataONTAP offer a more complete performance object disk:constituent while our check is using the older disk object. This results in that the erroneous string Multiple_Values was reported (as above).

The fix involved offering the performance object disk:constituent, for both the getter and the check itself to identify the instance and disk names, instead of relying on the older performance object disk. We introduced the parameter –object=disk | disk_constituent into PerfDisk and an additional perfobject of the same name  into get_netapp_disk to accomplish that.

If you need this fix urgently, please contact the developer for an unstable release version. The fix will in any case be available in the next stable release of check_netapp_pro.