The very useful –rm_ack=… parameter lets us decide how to deal with the posibility to remove a service acknowledgement in case of a reason-change. The optional arguments supplied until now have included ignore, always, never and reason-change, with the latter being the default. This parameter now has an additional option: off.


As one might expect, this explicitly switches the analysing of reason-changes, which is the prerequisite for deciding if a service acknowledgement should be removed or not, entirely off. Reason changes will not be detected and consequently service-ACKs are not removed. The effect is that no hints about possible reason-changes will be printed. This is like the –rm_ack=never option which may also result in masked alarms in some cases. A graphic might make it clearer what the options are when a reason-change occurs in the monitoring system:

–rm_ack value Hint on stdout

Remove svc-ack

always yes yes
reason-change yes yes
never yes no
off no no

A typical case where –rm_ack=off makes sense are checks, which are exercised against only one instance. In that case there is no second instance whose failing could get masked by the first one and so it is safe to turn rm_ack off.

In summary, with this option it is now possible to switch the rm_ack facility, as useful as it usually is, completely off.

As always the new release 5.0.0 will be available at the Q-Portal. As of today we have a quiet stable RC2 for customers who want to test it right now. Please contact for advise, if you want to get the RC2. Users are also encouraged to read through the release-history to discover all the new and improved features.