After heavy testing both internaly and on the distributors site we finally can release the brand new 1.0.0 version of Check NetApp-REST.

Check NetApp-REST is a supplemental product to our proven suite of Perl checks (now called Check NetApp-ZAPI) aimed to be both future prove and easy to install. It’s main advantages are:

  • easy install: Binary-only, precompiled checks with no dependencies. Motto: copy & run.
  • future prove: Use the latest official NetApp API (RESTful API, only available on Ontap >=9.6)

Download and Documentation

Customers of Check NetAppPRO can download both the checks and the required license file from the distributors Q-Portal. Quorum already started to migrate the existing contracts and will actively inform its customers within the next days.

The documentation for both installation and configuration is on our documentation site.