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Tag: overcommited aggregates

Usage gets a new –aggr_over=n feature

An interesting option for check_netapp_pro, available with the 4.3.0 release, is the new aggr_over=n feature. The Usage plugin has always checked volume and aggregate capacities. The latter being serviced in dedicated detail via…

Identifying Overcommitment in Aggregates

New Check displays warning message when Thin Provisioned Volumes grow too quickly. The check OvercommitAggr is already capable of identifying cases when the total sum of the actual disk space used by thin provisioned volumes on an…

Overcommitment in Aggregaten erkennen

Neuer Check warnt wenn thin provissioned Volumes zu schnell wachsen. Der Check OvercommitAggr verfügt derzeit schon über die Möglichkeit zu erkennen, wenn die Summe des durch thin provisioned Volumes tatsächlich verbrauchten Platzes in einem Aggregat knapp wird….